Mormon Oratory

Resources for the Study of LDS Speaking

Gideon O. Burton
Brigham Young University

Mormon oratory is a prominent phenomenon among Latter-day Saints but has been studied very little. This is a set of basic resources to assistance my students and any others in helping to develop this as a field of academy study.

Introduction / Overview


Gideon Burton, Mormon Oratory: An Introduction
Gideon Burton, Mormon Oratory Bibliography
Gideon Burton (and students), Mormon Speaking Anthology (a proposed table of contents for an anthology that would represent the wide range of Mormon public speaking)

General Resources


BYU Devotionals and Forums (Speeches website)
Find a Talk at BYU Broadcasting (archive of speeches from various BYU conferences and events, and some LDS church events)
General Conference Proceedings (text and some audio, some video)
Podcasts of Mormon Speeches and Public Events (search "Mormon" or "LDS" using iTunes)
Major Printed Collections of Mormon Speeches
Mormon Rhetorics
Mormon Periodicals
Speeches at the Mormon Literature Database (references and some full text)
Eugene England - "Going to Conference"
Studies on Mormon Speaking
List of Top LDS Speeches - Juan Henderson

Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric


Speeches in the Book of Mormon

  • Mosiah 2-4 (King Benjamin)
  • Mosiah 15-16 (Abinadi)
  • Alma 34 (Amulek)
  • Helaman 13-15 (Samuel)
  • 3 Nephi 11-17 (Christ)
  • Alma 5,7,9,12,32,33,40,41 (Alma)

19th Century Speeches online

20th Century Speeches