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Religion and Film Resources: Bibliographies / Filmographies

Gideon Burton
Brigham Young University

I wish to acknowledge the work of Gordon Matties (first entry, below), from which I have in part drawn in gathering the information for this page.

  Religion and Film: A Selected List of Library and Information Resources
Gordon Matties, Canadian Mennonite University

This excellent bibliography of print materials is divided into these sections:

  1. Film Books
  2. Interpreting Media and Religion in Culture
  3. Film and Religion: Biblical, Theological, and Ideological Criticism
  4. Film and Spiritual Formation
  5. Film and Worship
  6. Film and World Religions
  7. Aesthetics: What is Beautiful? What is Good?
  8. Specific Films, Themes, and Directors.
  Jesus: Real to Reel
Bibliography and Web Resources for Religion/Theology and Film
    "This site has been set up to collect into one place resources for studying the historical Jesus through modern cinematic presentations of Jesus' life and teachings. However, it has also developed into repository for bibliography and web links on the intersection of religion/theology and film in general."