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Religion and Film Resources: Media Literacy

Gideon Burton
Brigham Young University

  Center for Media Literacy: Faith Based Media Literacy
    "Media Violence. Stereotyping. Bias. Commercialism. All are concerns for people of faith. Explore living faith-fully in today’s multi-media culture."
  Christian Media Literacy Institute: "Proclaiming the Gospel through Media Literacy"
    "If you are a parent or teacher and you are looking for Christian materials to help your children understand the media, then this site and the Christian Media Literacy Institute are for you. There are many secular groups involved in media literacy. However, there is precious little media literacy material being developed from the Christian perspective. Our children could benefit greatly by learning how to use their faith to analyze the media. Through applying Law and Gospel to a constructed message our children can judge the moral quality of the message for themselves and compare that to the new life they have in Jesus Christ. In this way, children begin to learn how to use their faith to critique the world in which they live."
  Film Education
    Since 1985, Film Education has been developing the range of its publications and services to respond to the growing importance of Media Education in the National Curriculum and to meet the increasing demand for current educational material on film and film making. In supporting teachers, Film Education gives pupils the opportunity to analyse and evaluate not only film but also a wide range of Media. In addition to providing free educational materials, Film Education organises training courses, conferences, workshops, seminars and events including National Schools Film Week. Study resources include film specific CD-ROMs and educational online resources, study guides, generic study guides and videos, plus new materials in digital video editing.