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Religion and Film Resources: Movie Reviews

Gideon Burton
Brigham Young University

  Cinema in Focus: "A social and spiritual commentary by Hal Conklin and Denny Wayman"
    "... movies today impact the values throughout the world in a way never before possible. This impact permeates the very fabric of our families, culture, and society. To be a thoughtful citizen today requires knowing and discussing the values that are being viewed by all of us through this medium. It is our desire for the reader to explore with us each week the values portrayed in contemporary films, to be drawn into discussions about the deeper experiences of life. We provide a subjective commentary on a variety of current films in an attempt to stimulate this conversation. Using a system of four stars, we rate the films based on its impact on family values, community life, and spiritual development." A Parent's Guide to Children's Films
  Hollywood Jesus: "Pop Culture from a Spiritual Point of View"
    "Visual movie reviews, with explorations into the deeper more profound meaning behind film, music and pop culture." While overly crowded with banners, film clips, and pop culture clutter, this web resource does include interesting connections between contemporary mainstream cinema and spirituality/the Bible. Reviews are sometimes hard to find amid the the visual and auditory clutter, but are there for current films and videos being released.
  Screen It! Entertainment Reviews
  Movie Theology: Movie Reviews and Resources