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Bibliography: Institutional Repositories

See also DSpace
"Institutional Repositories: Essential Infrastructure for Scholarship in the Digital Age" by Clifford A. Lynch. ARL Bimonthly Report 226 (February 2003) < >
  A seminal article defining, defending, and critiquing the creation of institutional repositories.
"The Case for Institutional Repositories: A SPARC Position Paper" by Raym Crow. The Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition < >
  Provides a convincing rationale for establishing institutional repositories, outlines their essential elements, addresses their impact on principal stakeholders, and considers costs.
"SPARC Presents Workshop on Institutional Repositories" ARL Bimonthly Report 237 (December 2004) <>
  Discussion of "strategies critical to implementing and managing the successful long-term growth of ... institutional repositories (IRs)." Includes description of "practices applicable to a variety of technology platforms. A special focus was on tactics for working with faculty and researchers to make IRs a success."
"Filling Institutional Repositories: Practical strategies from the DAEDALUS Project" by Morag Mackie. Ariadne 39 (April 2004) <>
"Institutional Repositories" by Roy Tennant -- September 15, 2002 <>

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