Sample Sonnets
by students of Gideon O. Burton

Sonnet to Death
by Heath Bailey

Cold Death, who lays an icy hand on all
The children of the Two who fell from grace,
Boast not thy victory's scope is sliver-small
And but a moment mars the human race.
Although the grave, in season, houses bones,
And Age, thy minion, plays me like a pawn,
Though for a day thou rulest, 'neath the stones,
Thy grip, though fearful, thee will fail ere dawn.
For in these realms of Love thou canst not reign:
The widow's faith, the kinship in a home,
And lover's vows. Thy frightenings are in vain,
For these thou hast not strength to overcome.
     What then if for a moment Death bring grief?
     From Death, Love plunders Life, a welcome thief.

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