Sample Sonnets
by students of Gideon O. Burton

A Sonnet For My Husband
by Alexandra Eaton

If you should see a light within my eye
So lovely, it like love to you doth seem,
Beware, my love, for I cannot deny
That once a month with loathing it doth gleam.
For love can change as hormones rage and turn
My tortured flesh until it seems unfair
That I with cramps and aches and bloating burn
While you, in all your comfort, just lie there.
For a man once viewed as my gallant night
Doth change, as once a month I only see
This paltry fool at whom I scream all night
Till he doth fetch me my Motrin IB.
     But do not fear, my love, and smile anon
     For love returns when PMS is gone.

Feel free to copy or distribute this poem as long as you give proper acknowledgement of authorship