Sample Sonnets
by students of Gideon O. Burton

Sonnet 155
by Heather Reading

Like from the deep my husband wakes from sleep
His bloodshot eyes crack'd open blankly stare
So slowly from the covers doth he creep,
Creep out with eyes half shut and bed-head hair.
His breath to me doth very foully reek
And tothe bathroom slowly doth he tread,
The toothpaste his blind hand doth blindly seek
To scrape the scum from out his heavy head.
Out of the bathroom comes this dreadful sound
The creepers of the night from bladder race
Then doth a scream deep in so loud resound
As aftershave doth splash upon his face.
     The act of marriage it doth quick reveal
     The beauty of the morn hath great appeal.

Feel free to copy or distribute this poem as long as you give proper acknowledgement of authorship