Sample Sonnets
by Gideon O. Burton and his students

Sonnets by Gideon Burton

More Serious
"No Still Voice and Small"
"Oregon Fog" (eg. of Petrarchan rhyme scheme)
"The Eye With All Her Searching Has Not Seen" (eg. of an imitation)

Less Serious
"A Toast to Toast"
"White Chocolate"
"Nacho Hell"

Sonnets by students

"Tabernacle of Clay" by Cecily Huefner
"A Sonnet for my Husband" by Alexandra Eaton
"For Dylan, With Hope and Light" by Jennifer Hays
"Sonnet 155" by Heather Reading
"A Cycle" by April Thompson
"Sonnet to Death" by Heath Bailey
"Epiphany" by Kim Thompson